Vaction he can’t come on… 

As I pack for a vaction that he was supposed to come with us on my heart is heavy. I find his packing list I made for him so he would t forget anything and all I can think about is he’s not coming. 

I think about how we only got to go to the beach one time together and how I brought a friend last year cause he and I both agreed we’d have a ton together since we were gonna get married. It hurts to think about this stuff. I keep not wanting to go and just stay home. But then I remind myself that he’d want me to go not matter what. And how he wants me to be happy. It’s so hard sometimes but I have an angel watching over me to make sure I stay save and happy so I will be okay! Just gotta remember that when times get tough! 


9 thoughts on “Vaction he can’t come on… 

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