Heaven or hell?

Just a moment again I finished a movie called “The Dreams That May Come”. I won’t go until detail, but a guy dies and is finding his family in heaven. Well then he hears news that his wife just committed suicide and the guy then goes on to say “all suicides go to hell”. That pushed a ton of buttons for me being a Christian and someone who just lost a loved one to suicide. 

So I’m here to tell you suicide is a equal sin to murder. The bible clearly states that all sin of a saved person will be forgiven meaning if a saved person commits suicide they are forgiven which means they will go to heaven. (Colossians 2:13–14)

You don’t go to hell for your sin. If you go it’s because you weren’t saved! 

If you’re not saved stealing a penny equals hell. If you’re not saved then living a perfect sin free live equals hell. Not having God in your life is why people go to hell. Not because they lied, murdered, committed suicide, cheated, or cussed.  

So suicide doesn’t equal hell! 
Is suicide unforgivable in the eyes of God?


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